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Joint Meeting of ISCC/AAATCC:
Multi-Media, Multi-Material Color Control Symposium
Hilton University Place, Charlotte, NC
April 28-29, 2011

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  • Automated Closed-Loop Systems to Control the Color of Extruded Plastics – Ken Phillips, X-Rite Inc.
  • Optimum Color Communications - John Darsey, Color Solutions International
  • Analysis of Variability in Perceptual Assessments of Color – Renzo Shamey, North Carolina State University
  • Packaging and Color Consistency – Mark Samworth, ESKO
  • G7: Enableing a Global Print Supply Chain – Jeff Budd, Hallmark Cards Inc.
  • Global Digital Color Control – Ken Butts, Datacolor
  • Color Quality Control: Present & Future – Rolf Keuhni
  • The Future of Lighting: Color, Efficiency, and Compliance – Ann Laidlaw, X-Rite Inc.
  • Controlling Color on Multiplie Substrates – Andrew Frazier, Chico’s
  • Palette Rationalization – Michael Charlton, Sun Chemical
  • Spot Color Digital Proofing – Michael Charlton, Sun Chemical
  • Digital Textile Printing and The Question of Color – Kerry King [TC]2
  • Ink Jet Printing - Carly Morrison, Cotton Incorporated
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