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Inter-Society Color Council
2008 Annual Meeting and Expert Symposium
September 14 – 16, 2008, Baltimore, MD

    The Inter-Society Color Council (ISCC) will hold an Expert Symposium in Baltimore, Maryland at the Tremont Suites Plaza Hotel on Tuesday, September 16, 2008. Baltimore is a historic city known for its Inner Harbor, National Aquarium, the resting place of Edgar Allen Poe, and many other interesting and unique attractions.

On Tuesday September 16, ISCC will hold a “Safety Color Expert Symposium.” This one day event will cover all facets of Safety Colors including the perception, measurement, and standardization of regular, fluorescent and photoluminescent materials, integrating safety colors into fashion and specific applications, advanced topics like the effect of safety colors by new lighting technologies and safety light signaling. The General Chairs for the Annual Meeting and Symposium are Carl Andersen with the Federal Highway Administration and Cameron Miller with the National Institute of Standard and Technology.

Who Should Attend
    This meeting is open to everyone with an interest in promoting the interchange of ideas on the subject of perception, measurement and standardization of safety colors. This conference is design to promote communications between researchers, standardization groups, instrument manufacturers, safety product manufacturers, building safety and traffic safety practioners to facilitate a more effective use of safety colors.

More Information
    Please explore this site to gather all the details you should need to submit your work, plan your travel, and generally make this a great conference for you and your colleagues. (See the links at left.) This site will be continually edited right up to the day of the conference. Check here soon for presentation details, abstracts, and other updated information.

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