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ISCC 2012 Annual Meeting

Radisson Hotel Manchester Downtown
Manchester, NH
October 15-16, 2012

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Mark your calendar now for the 2012 ISCC Annual Meeting, to be held in Manchester, NH, at the Radisson Hotel Manchester Downtown in on October 15-16. The meeting will include an informal reception and a full day of technical sessions:

  • Monday evening 10/15 will be a welcome icebreaker reception.
  • Tuesday 10/16 will be a traditional ISCC Annual meeting: three interest groups and an education session
  • The program is available here.
The program committee has assembled a great series of presentations. Here is a sample of what to expect:
  • The Incredible Lightness of the Power Law
  • Spectral Modeling of Surface Colors in Rural Outdoor Environments
  • Illuminant-Dependent Von-Kries Primaries: A Way Out of the Sharpening Dilemma
  • Uncertainty Analysis in Spectrophotometry
  • 50 Years Coloring the World of Plastics: History, Pioneers, and Mentors
  • Sustainable Color
  • Color Versatility: Evolutionary Perspective
  • On the Premise, Pomise and Complexity of Color Versatility in Built Environments
  • A Meta-Analysis of Color Effectiveness in Designed Environments
  • Tutorial: De-Mystifying Fluorescent Color
As a special treat, after lunch Tuesday we wil feature "ARC OF LIGHT: A Portrait of Anna Campbell Bliss". This film traces the broad spectrum of this important artist's life and work, ranging from the aesthetic influences of her early childhood and her groundbreaking career as a Harvard-trained architect to her emergence as a cutting-edge artist whose work fuses an astonishing range of elements, including architecture, mathematics, computer technology, painting, printmaking and calligraphy. The documentary film examines the roots of Bliss's art in the Bauhaus school, which flourished in Germany in the 1920s, and how the Bauhaus artists influenced the development of Bliss's extensive contribution to American modern art. More details can be found on the Arc of Light web page.

The General Co-chairs are Dr. Art Springsteen and Mr. John Conant. Please contact Art Springsteen if you have questions regarding this meeting.

Other Details
All attendees will enjoy the annual meeting luncheon, coffee breaks, the full technical program, and receive a booklet of the program and abstracts. Non-member registration includes ISCC membership through October 2013. Student registration is available, as well as need-based scholarships. Please contact the ISCC office for scholarship information.

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