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Information about ISCC Archives at the Hagley Museum

The Hagley Museum and Library in Wilmington, DE is home to the ISCC artifact collection that used to reside at the Cooper Hewitt Museum in New York City. Also after Dorothy Nickerson passed away, Joy Turner Luke donated all of Dorothy’s color collection to the Hagley. Here is the Provenance and Arrangement Note for the ISCC Collection:

Provenance and Arrangement Note
The records of the Inter-Society Color Council are comprised of two accessions based on their provenance. Accession 2188, containing the bulk of the collection, was acquired from the Cooper-Hewitt Museum. Accession 2189, consisting of the Dorothy Nickerson Papers, was acquired from the Inter-Society Color Council. While every effort was made to preserve the filing scheme of the creating body where it remained intact, the disorganized state of many of these records required the creation of various organizational systems based on functional categories in order to gain intellectual control over a diverse body of material.

A detailed description of the ISCC Collection housed at the Hagley Museum and Library can be found at their website.

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