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Inventory of Artifacts from the Ingalls

Marjorie and Richard Ingalls are taking down their color science shingle. They have gathered so much equipment and archival materials over the years. Before they dispose of their collection, they would like to offer it to ISCC members. Here is the inventory.

As things get claimed we will do our best to keep this list up to date. If you see something you can't live without, it would probably be best to speak up soon. Note that you may be asked to contribute or even fully cover shipping costs.

2 Color Eye Color Analysis Computer (17x20x20)
3 Color Eye Chromaticity Display Computer (17x20x20)
4 Color Eye Specular Machine (24x2822)
5 Cast Iron Spectrophotometer (14x20x30)
6 Very Large Spectrophotometer (20x45x34)
7 Digital Recorder (14x10x20)
9 Tel-A-Color Color Selector (26x20x16)
10 Photo enlarger (9x20x14)
11 Box with portfolio of color samples (12x16) & notebooks filled with computer print-outs
12 Small box with color samples & measurements
13 Box marked Rensselaer with color chip sets, notebooks & books on color
14 Color samples & lenses box with printing inks, light trap, & a black light bulb
15 Box with various lenses
16 Box with Marjories color notebooks
17 Box with ISCC Binders
18 Box with Hardy Spectrophotometer lab work & notebooks
19 Box with black notebooks (1983 1986 slides & test results)
20 Box with files on Turnkey system & ratio differences
21 Box with Marjories Prototype Boards
22 Box with files, notebook and lab notes
23 Digital Densitometer
24 Power Line Monitor
25 Tel-a-Color Color Selector lighting rectifier
26 Sargent-Welch Densichrometer
27 Gardner Multi-Angle Glossmeter
28 Sargent-Welch Densichron Model DT63
29 Box of Hunter Tapes for Spectrophotometer
30 Hunter Spectrophotometer in 3 big boxes
31 Olite Light Source
32 Bound Applied Optics Journals from 1963 - 1984
Pictures of all items will be linked from this page soon. If you are interested in any of these items, please contact Paula Alessi.