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Inter-Society Color Council
2008 Annual Meeting and Expert Symposium
September 14 – 16, 2008, Baltimore, MD

    The Inter-Society Color Council (ISCC) will hold its 2008 Annual Meeting in Baltimore, Maryland at the Tremont Suites Plaza Hotel from Sunday, September 14 through Monday, September 15, 2008. Baltimore is a historic city known for its Inner Harbor, National Aquarium, the resting place of Edgar Allen Poe, and many other interesting and unique attractions.

    The theme of the one and a half day 2008 Annual Meeting is, “The RGBs of Color.” The program will consist of the following three components:

  • Are You Seeing Red? The Tying of Emotion to Color
  • How Green is My Color? The Influences of Sustainability on Color
  • Is That the Blue You Wanted? Influences of Light and Media on the Color we see
     The three components directly tie to the Interest Groups. Interest Group I, Basic and Applied Color Research, or “Is that the Blue You Wanted?” will examined the frontiers of color measurement and the latest thinking on appearance characterization. Presenters will discuss technologies to better reproduce color in various formats: on-screen, printed, complex, and flat colors. Interest Group II, Industrial Applications of Color, or “How Green is My Color?” will examine the influences of sustainability on developing, specifying and using color. Speakers will discuss new environmentally friendly ways to color the world. Interest Group III, Art, Design and Psychology, or “Are you Seeing Red?” will examine tying of emotion to color. The presenters will discuss how colors are chosen to cause emotion or feelings, and how color can influence decisions in how we live. The presentations will start Sunday around noon and conclude on Monday late afternoon.

Who Should Attend
    This meeting is open to everyone with an interest in promoting the interchange of ideas on the subject of color and appearance. This conference is design to promote communications between technically oriented specialists in color and creative workers in art, design, and education, so as to facilitate more effective use of color.

More Information
    Please explore this site to gather all the details you should need to submit your work, plan your travel, and generally make this a great conference for you and your colleagues. (See the links at left.) This site will be continually edited right up to the day of the conference. Check here soon for presentation details, abstracts, and other updated information.

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