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The Earliest Peoples and their Colors

Isaac H. Godlove

This page and the associated PDF file are ©2011 Terry F. Godlove, All rights reserved. What follows is the introduction to the text.

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    My father, affectionately known by everyone as I.H., spent his life on the three foundation areas of the Color Council: science, art and industry. In science, he published many journal articles. In art, our family files have many of his sketches, and of course he was an ardent student of the history of color, culminating in this volume. In industry, he started with the Munsell Color Co., then worked at duPont and finally General Aniline and Film. He was special color editor for Webster's International Dictionary 1921-1932. He was editor of the Color Council Newsletter for 18 years until his death. From his notes and letters we believe that he began work on the history manuscript in the early 1940s. A complete obituary was published in the ISCC News in September 1954.

    Following the earlier, untimely death of my mother, he later married Margaret Noss. She worked closely helping organize his notes and files on the history manuscript and helped prepare the newsletters. He enjoyed playing bridge and tennis and was in excellent condition until his death in 1954 from a ruptured appendix, at the age of 62. After his death Margaret helped establish the biennial Godlove Award and continued organizing his files.

    Newsletter No. 114 contains many individual tributes to him. This issue also provides a list of 46 publications by him or with coauthors. The Jubilee Issue, No. 115, Nov. 1954, the 100th issue under his editorship, contains additional tributes. Here is one quote from Dorothy Nickerson, ISCC President 1954-55: “While he is not here to receive our congratulations on his first one hundred issues, we rejoice – as he would have wanted us to – that this Jubilee Issue can serve as such an appropriate memorial to him.”

    Later it became clear to Margaret that organizing and editing the notes in preparation for possible publication of the present manuscript was a formidable task. Happily, Rolf Kuehni recently agreed to take on this task and to place it on the ISCC web site. The Godlove family is grateful to him for all of his fine work. Incidentally, he received the Godlove Award in 2003 for his contributions in the field of color. I believe my father would be very pleased and proud of the resulting monograph.

Terry F. Godlove
July 2011