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Inter-Society Color Council 2009 Annual Meeting
Preliminary Program for June 7, 2009
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Barbara Martinson, University of Minnesota
    Practice-based Research in Design
Robert Buckley, Xerox and Franziska Frey, RIT
    Color Imaging in the Cultural Heritage Community
Alexander Logvinenko, Glasgow Caledonian University
    A spherical object-colour space
James A. Perkins, RIT
    The Use of Color in Medical Illustration
Mark S. Rea and Jean Paul Freyssinier, RPI/LRC
    A test of a two-measure color rendering proposal
Anders Nilsson, Scandanavian Colour Institute
    Comparing the steps of NCS and the Munsell colour order systems using the evolvement of DE formulas
Brian Gamm, RIT
    Modelling Paper Fluorescent Behavior
Michael H. Brill, Datacolor
    Optimal Pseudocolor and the Longest-Path Problem
Maria E. Nadal and C. Cameron Miller, NIST
    Reflectance Factor Measurement Complications Due to Near Infrared Fluorescence
Fritz Ebner, Xerox
    What is Sustainability and how do our actions affect it?

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