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ISCC Macbeth Award

The Macbeth Award was established by Mr. Norman Macbeth, Jr. in honor of the memory of his father, Mr Norman Macbeth. The award is usually, but not necessarily, presented biennially in even-numbered years.

We have consolidated the award nomination forms into a single document. Download it here, print, and send to the ISCC office. Or you can scan the form and email it to us. We hope to get an online form enabled soon.

The Macbeth Award is given for one or more recent outstanding contributions in the field of color. It is to be presented to a member, or former member, of the Council. The contributions shall have advanced the field of color, interpreted broadly as in the objectives of the Council as defined in Article II of the Constitution. The merit of a candidate shall be judged by his or her contributions to any of the fields of interest related to color whether or not it is represented by a Member-Body. The contribution to color may be direct, it may be in the active practical stimulation of the application of color, or it may be an outstanding dissemination of knowledge of color by writing or lecturing. The candidates for the Macbeth Award need not have been active in the affairs of the Council.

The recipient of the 2014 Macbeth Award was Françoise Viénot. Previous recipients are listed below.
1972 Peter C. Goldmark
1974 Midge Wilson
1976 Richard S. Hunter
1978 Fred W. Billmeyer, Jr.
1980 W. David Wright
1982 Henry W. Levison
1984 Ruth Johnston-Feller
1986 Max Saltzman
1988 Joy Turner Luke
1990 Roy Berns
1992 Jozef Cohen
1994 Peter Kaiser
1996 Michael Brill
1998 David H. Alman
2000 Brian A. Wandell
2002 Mark D. Fairchild
2004 Louis D. Silverstein
2006 David Brainard
2008 Harold Van Aken
2010 Joanne Zwinkels
2014 Françoise Viénot.

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