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Demystifying Color

by Professor Bob Chung, RIT

Color is a visual sensation. It involves light, objects, and human vision. Teaching and learning color become a lot easier and fun if the visual sensation is engaged in the learning process.

This document, Visualizing Color, was originally developed by the author for the Education Committee workshop at the 1994 ISCC annual meeting in Troy, MI.

Ten color myths are listed in this 11-page full-color brochure.

Demystifiers for each myth are given. These are followed by a color demonstration that supports the demystifier. The fundamentals behind light, how light is modified by objects, and how color is seen, are explained and clarified.

A PDF version of the document, which has been redesigned for use with a computer screen, can be downloaded from the ISCC web site. For your personal hard copy, see the special offer by viewing this PDF.

The online version can also available (550K PDF).
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