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ISCC/IS&T/SID Special Topics Conference
The Black and White Meeting
Saturday, November 15

A one-day meeting with a program devoted to the special challenges and solutions for black and white, two of the most important properties of a colored image.

White 8:30 10:15
Dave Wyble (Rochester Institute of Technology)
    Fluorescent Excitation from White LEDs
Byron Jordon (Pulp and Paper Research Institute of Canada)
    Indoor daylight: Illuminant C with UV extrapolation
Eva-Maria Löffler (Abteilung PrePress-Reproduktion)
    Estimating the Spectral Reflectance of Fluorescent Offset Papers for Varying Illuminants
Veronika Lovell & Danny Rich (Sun Chemical)
    Gärtner-Griesser Coefficients for UV Calibration for CIE Illuminant D50 Simulators

Black 10:45 12:00
Klaus Richter (Berlin University of Technology)
    Perceived and Device Black and White as Reference Colours in Image Technology
Renzo Shamey and Reid Clouts (North Carolina State University)
    Perceptual Assessment of Blackness
Jack Holm (Hewlett Packard)
    Designing the neutral scale noise and perception

Lunch 12:00 1:15

Measurement, Calibration and Standards 1:15 3:20
Brian Gamm (Rochester Institute of Technology)
    The Characteristics of Optical Brightening Agent Fluorescence Emission and How they Relate to Methods for UV-cut Measurement
Roland Connelly (X-Rite Inc.)
    AATCC UV Calibration Textile standard
Ye (David) Chen (University of Leeds)
    Evaluation of UV Calibration and Whiteness Formulae
Joanne Zwinkels (National Research Council Canada)
    The Evolution of ISO 2469 for International Agreement on Optical Properties for Pulp and Paper
Pat Robertson (Technidyne Corp.)
    ISO TC6/WG3 and the Role of Authorized Labs: Transferring Calibrations to Users and Consumers
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