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2008 Annual Meeting Schedule

Sunday September 14, 2008
09:00-10:00 Registration & coffee
10:00-10:15 Welcoming address & Opening Remarks
    Robert Buckley, Xerox, ISCC President
    Carl Andersen, FHA, General Co-Chair
    Cameron Miller, NIST, General Co-Chair

10:15-10:45Color Flashback
A retrospective on the color courses of Ralph Stanziola, Kim Galloway
10:45-11:45Are You Seeing Red? - Art, Design, Psychology
  • Leslie Harrington The reds of love and rage: A note on the risk of eliciting negative emotions
  • Kate Smith Macro mood to industry insight
11:45-01:00Lunch on your own
01:00-05:00Are You Seeing Red? - Art, Design, Psychology
  • Phil Kenyon Color harmony modeling, helping people pick colors that FEEL good
  • Mark Woodman World colors - Changing inspirations
  • Steven Bleicher The socioeconomics of color psychology
  • Nancy Kwallek A multi-disciplinary model for teaching COLOR
(03:00 - 03:30 Refreshment break)

How Green is My Color?" - Industrial Applications
  • Karen Braun Color adjustments using natural language
  • Art Schmehling Color vision test and their application in industry
  • Frank J. Iannarilli Model-based paint selection for helicopter camouflage

Monday September 15, 2008
08:0009:00 Registration & continental breakfast
09:0010:30 How Green is My Color?" - Industrial Applications
  • Fred Shapiro Sustainability as a technical challenge
  • Scot R. Fernandez The "Green" evaluation of Hallmark's color reproduction system
  • David Oakey Respect for the future through the use of color
10:3011:00Refreshment break
11:0012:00 Is that the Blue You Wanted - Fundamental and Applied Research
  • Roy Berns An end-to-end spectral color reproduction system
  • YaQi Li Formulas for calibrating low-scattering samples using Kubelka-Munk model
12:0001:30Awards Luncheon
01:3004:30 Is that the Blue You Wanted - Fundamental and Applied Research
  • Mark C. Updegraff Impact of surround on perceived chromatic distances
  • Michael Jahn What color is that cheese doodle, really? - a day in the life of a color specifier
  • Jim Roberts A new tool for measuring and characterizing effect pigments
  • Hugh Fairman Comparison of Li, Luo, Rigg with ASTM method of calculating weight sets for tristimulus integration
04:3005:00ISCC Business Meeting
06:0007:00Expert Symposium Reception
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